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FLOUR HOUR Episode 20 interview with Jessie Sheehan

Flour Hour Baking Podcast
FLOUR HOUR Episode 20 interview with Jessie Sheehan

be released on May 15th. Jessie shares her favorite recipes from the book, behind the scenes secrets, recipe testing and the beautiful photos by Alice Gao. She also discusses her book "Icebox Cakes" and of course how her career in baking began. Amanda and Jeremiah discuss Jeremiah's upcoming Portuguese Pastry Pop-Up and Amanda's experiments with Valrhona's new passion fruit flavored chocolate.

Jessie's website: www.jessiesheehanbakes.com

The Vintage Baker: www.amazon.com/Vintage-Baker-Rec…ds=jessie+sheehan

Icebox Cakes: www.amazon.com/Icebox-Cakes-Reci…ds=jessie+sheehan

Valrhona passion fruit chocolate: us.valrhona.com/our-products/couv…iration/bag-beans

UMA CASA Restaurant: www.umacasarestaurant.com

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